Raspberry Eton Mess

My love for pavlova is bordering on obsession. Honestly.

I’m probably going to walk into my house one day and see Ted, Marshall, Barney, Lily, and Robin standing beneath the “Intervention” banner.

And, I would probably deserve it. (Also, wouldn’t … Read the rest

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Super Bowl Brownie Bar

Before I get started on this week’s super sinful but amazingly delicious recipe, let me just say that it’s cold here.  Really, really cold.  I think it’s colder here than anywhere Prince Harry and his team trekked.  Our school children … Read the rest

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Orange and Cloves Room Freshener

Thanks to all the snow and cold weather that has descended upon all of us, my family and I have been stuck in the house for days and days and days.

Okay, honestly, it’s only been 3 days, but still.  … Read the rest


Gift Ideas for the Gardening Foodie

Christmas is the most magical time of the year…this is something we can all agree upon, right?

Something about the twinkling lights and the snow and the wonderful kindness that radiates from people more often than any other time of … Read the rest


Color in the Kitchen: Red

They say that a red kitchen is good for stimulating the appetite, not so good when you’re on a diet.

I can confirm this belief, I once had a red kitchen…and let me tell you, my belly got B-I-G!

Oh … Read the rest

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