Homemade Furniture Polish

I’m generally not one for making my own household cleaners, even though I do try and buy the ones that are most Earth-friendly.  I’m also not one for running to store when all I need is a can of Pledge.  It goes on my shopping list and I take care of it the next time I go shopping.

Today, however, was different.  One specific piece of furniture in my house was driving me mad, so I went to my trusty friend, Google, and looked up homemade furniture polish.  This was the first article I found.  Admittedly, I was quite skeptical, but pleasantly surprised! It got rid of the yucky dust, left my furniture looking clean and shiny.  And the best part, it didn’t leave that strong scent that some commercial brands leave…which generally results in me getting a nasty headache! So, while I probably won’t convert to being a full-time homemade furniture polish kind of girl, this is a great little recipe to know that will help out in a pinch!

Homemade Furniture Polish (recipe via DIY Life)

4 tbl. lemon juice (fresh or bottled)

3 tbl. water

3 tsp. olive oil

Mix ingredients into a small squirt bottle and shake to incorporate together.  Spray on your furniture and wipe away! Once you’re done dusting, be sure to throw out the leftovers as the olive oil will go bad if left inside the bottle!

Happy cleaning!

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  1. says

    Love these kinds of tips. I just read a book that had beauty secrets. Like mixing olive oil and sugar as an exfoliant. And then Pepto Bismol as a facial peel. Might be something I have to try. At least Pepto is pink and not blue. I can live with a pink face if it doesn’t all come off. LOL
    Oh yeah, and I love your new sight! It looks so great!

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