My Daughter’s Glamping Birthday Party….sort of

First, let me start off by saying if you are one of those moms who are able to pull off the perfectly styled, perfectly executed, perfectly photographed parties for your kids, you have my UTMOST respect! If you’ve shared pictures of these parties, I’ve most likely spent lots of time admiring all of your creativity and attention to detail, and I’ve certainly gotten many, many ideas from your hard work that I can use in my own life.

I’ve decided, however, that for ME…it’s not my thing.

Don’t misunderstand, I’m in the middle of planning a Christmas event for little princesses where I want every detail to be perfect, and I’ll be working really hard to make sure it happens.  However, while carrying out the last minute plans for my daughter’s party, I had a revelation…

When my daughter told me she wanted an owl-themed party, together we decided to take it a little further by incorporating “glamping” elements into the party.  We envisioned “stations” where the kids would be able to have manicures, make friendship bracelets, and just hang out.  We planned on a campfire with gourmet s’mores along with other fabulous camping food. Michele from Intrigue Design Studio created the MOST perfect printable party accessories a girl could hope for!

I had my friend Crystal from Little White Shed, Inc. create some darling s’mores soaps for everyone to take home…don’t they look good enough to eat??

Rather than having the soaps set out by the front door so everyone could take one as they left, I decided to put them in a cute basket on the bathroom sink and surprise everyone as they entered the bathroom…and believe me, they were surprised and EXCITED! It can be hard to get tweens excited about little things sometimes, but these soaps did the trick!

Fast forward to my revelation…

It was time to make the cupcakes and I’d taken out the standard, white cupcake liners I like to use because they’re simple and go with everything when my daughter asked if we could use some cute polka dot ones we’d recently bought for no specific purpose.

Well, they didn’t exactly match, but they didn’t exactly clash either, so okay…

We baked the cupcakes and I made the icing and began piping on the buttercream.

Then she asked if she could pipe the icing.  Now, my daughter LOVES to bake, but piping hasn’t always been her strong point.  Once again, I said okay, and started to wonder how my cupcake tower was going to end up looking….

Take 1, Not exactly perfect, but not bad either…

Take 2, more icing, but we got a little out of control!

By Take 3, we were well on our way!

And here is the final cupcake tower! Now, I had ADORABLE cupcake circles from Intrigue Design Studio ready to use, but when your little girl gets excited about swirly and number candles, we sometimes have to make adjustments on the fly.

**TIP: If your kid wants the number candles, stick a toothpick or bamboo skewer in the bottom of the candle…they will stand up perfectly that way! **

She was SO proud of this cupcake tower because she felt she had a real role in how it turned out, and that makes me happier than the most perfect cupcake tower.

And now, for the biggest hit of the night….

…these inexpensive Coleman lanterns from WalMart.  The girls saw these and immediately grabbed them up!

So, for this party, rather than snapping pictures, I painted fingernails, applied those fingernail sticker things, poured sodas, made popcorn on the stove when our popcorn machine temporarily malfunctioned…and had a blast!

From this party, I learned is that it doesn’t always matter to the kids if the cupcake liners match the cupcake toppers which match the tablecloths which match the take home gifts which match the… get the point.  The important thing is, everyone has to have a great time, including Mom!



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