A Sweet Treat for Chilly Days!

Ever since I got my new Keurig machine, I’ve been kind of obsessed with it.  Quite honestly, it kind of blows my mind…it’s SO fast! So, when I bought a box of hot chocolate for my family, I knew we’d have to have marshmallows to go along with it.  While I bought a package of regular mini marshmallows, I also thought it would be fun to try making them ourselves.  So, we did!

{Notice how the marshmallow instantly starts to melt when it goes in the hot chocolate…YUM!}

I found this recipe, which promised to be simple and made a couple little changes to it, taking these goodies from regular homemade marshmallows to Cherry Vanilla Marshmallows! The only change I made was adding one teaspoon of Cherry Extract along with the vanilla extract.  You may want to add more, but keep in mind, too much Cherry Extract, and your marshmallows start tasting like Robitussin!

These marshmallows taste delicious and would make a great and inexpensive Valentine’s Day gift.  I picked up these little Chinese take out containers for 97 cents a piece, which have plenty of room to hold lots of marshmallows!

Just giving these marshmallows alone would make a great gift, but adding a package or two of hot chocolate mix, or even making your own hot cocoa mix would be a great addition to this gift as well!

Package it up and add a cute tag or note, and you’ve got a gift that will warm the heart of your Valentine! Or friends, or family, or neighbor….anyone would be happy to receive this as a gift!

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