Have you ever seen these darling bow tie napkins before? Did you realize how simple they are to do? I gave it a try this morning and found out that it IS easy, and really makes a cute addition to your tabletop design!

A cute chevron napkin adds a real pop to all of these neutral colored pieces!

This can be done with napkins of all sizes and thicknesses.  The chevron napkin is much larger and thicker than the blue damask one!

Paper napkins? You betcha! Does anyone else think this would be darling for a Minnie Mouse party?

Making these napkins is SO easy! Check out my step by step tutorial on how you can add bow tie napkins to your next party!

All you need are napkins, ribbon, and scissors.  You know you all have tons of these items on hand, don’t you?

I’m using these paper napkins from The TomKat Studio because they are striped on one side and stars on the other…the contrast makes explaining the process even simpler!

Step 1: Open your napkin and fold the two sides into the center.

Step 2: Fold the two halves on top of each other to make a thinner napkin.

Step 3: Fold the top and bottom halves into the middle, overlapping one side just a bit over the other.

Step 4: Tie your ribbon around the center of your napkin.  I make sure to have my hand on all four corners of the napkin while I was doing this so that it would “ruffle” in all the right places.

Step 5: Fluff the sides just a bit and you’re finished! Look at how cute this one turned out, very patriotic, wouldn’t you say?? This would have been darling for the Olympics, or even the 4th of July!

I’m loving this look! It’s so easy, and perfect for a party, because…”bow ties are cool”!! {If you get what I mean by that without having to Google it, leave me a comment…you’re someone I want to know!}

{red and white plates and napkins available from The TomKat Studio}

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    • says

      Love it, Audrey!! I’m absolutely thrilled that you got my “bow ties are cool” reference…it’s always a pleasure to hear from a fellow Whovian! :) I’d love to see pictures from your party if you’re willing to share them!

  1. fay says

    Tnx for these wonderful tips! I plan on making bow tie serviettes for my wedding that’s coming up soon. Soooooo exciting!!!

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