{BLOGGING} We All Get Frustrated

I love chatting with my friends with blogs.  We share similar ideas and passions and only someone who does what you do can possibly understand why you spend hours and hours on something that may or may not pay off in the end.  We love sharing our successes with each other, but sometimes, our discussions veer in a different direction.    Vent sessions are sometimes necessary and I love the fact that I have some great people who will listen to me vent and try and help me come up with solutions on how to fix what’s bothering me.  There are certain issues that pop up time and time again in my conversations with many different people, so I thought I’d start posting about them.


First up, Things Aren’t Always As They Seem

We all kind of knew that already, right? But still, it’s a hard lesson to remember.  We see people who are so much farther along their path than we are, and we want to be right up there with them.  I know that I still have a relatively small following, but it’s obviously much bigger than it was when I started.  The “me” of two years ago would kill to be where I am today.

I love each and every opportunity that comes my way.  Every time a company reaches out to me and wants to work with me, I feel blessed.  Every time I’m given an advanced copy of a book to review, I get excited and feel thankful.  And to someone who doesn’t yet have these opportunities being given to them, yet see other people constantly posting about theirs, it can be discouraging.  They can begin to feel like their day will never come.  And oftentimes, that’s when people stop keeping up with their sites.

To these people, I say, trust me…there’s so much you don’t see.  What you don’t see are the e-mails that come in telling you that you’re not a good fit for a particular campaign, or that your request to join a particular group has been denied.  Or even worse, they don’t see the e-mails that you sent inquiring about an opportunity that never even get a response! I’ve lost a lot of respect for more than one business that doesn’t show the courtesy to respond with a simple “thank you for your interest” note.  My friend Melissa and I love to share our rejection e-mails with one another and have a good laugh…it lessens the sting and makes you feel good to know that you’re not the only one receiving those messages.

But most people aren’t going to show you these things.  It’s not often that you log on to Facebook and see a page sharing a rejection e-mail, right? But don’t let bad news stop you, let it push you harder instead! One of my greatest joys came when I was initially turned down for one opportunity.  I made a few revisions to my website, learned to improve my photography a bit, and a few months later, was being offered an opportunity from the same place that had turned me down! That was definitely a proud moment for me and I let it serve that as proof that hard work does pay off.  It may not come as fast as we would like, but eventually, it will pay off.

So, when you start to feel envious because it seems the absolutely everyone around you is being blessed with sponsored posts or sent products for review, remember that you may or may not be seeing everything that’s popping up in their inboxes.  Have confidence in yourself and keep searching for opportunities!

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  1. says

    Thank you for this post! I have been a little down when my new facebook page didn’t get any traffic but then I did a giveaway and found some new friends. And I thought it was strange that my posts on blogger were getting a lot of traffic but not a lot of followers. It didn’t help that I needed money to post pics and I was turned down by the google analytics to have ads on my blog. So, I added tumblr blogs which might be too much but I’m getting better response.

    Just keep on doing what you love and the right people will find you. :)

    • says

      Yes, Amanda!! Don’t be discouraged by not getting much traffic on your Facebook page…mine goes in waves where I’ll go through a period gaining lots of followers, and then I’ll go through a period where it seems like it stays the same for weeks. Or even worse, my numbers go down!! And you’re not the first I’ve heard of getting turned down for Google Ads. Just keep at it and they’ll be begging you to put ads on your site soon enough! Good luck!

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